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Scholarship that strengthens the Church

28 November 2019

As sceptical Bible scholarship has grown in popularity, Christian apologetics has increasingly turned to textual criticism, the discipline of attempting to identify the original text, to find arguments in defence of the Bible's reliability.

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Ink issue 4

13 November 2019

Of all the Bible stories, the Christmas story is perhaps the best known and best loved across the world, by Christians and non-Christians alike, but away from the celebratory tinsel, what do Bible scholars make of the story of the infant in the manger?

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Remaking a Broken World

8 August 2019

Our world is fractured on every level—from the family to international relations. The news constantly reports broken relationships, strife-ridden communities and warring nations.

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ink Issue 3

1 August 2019

How much thought do you give to the earliest known physical copies of the Bible? Ever wonder who made them, or where they are now?

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ink issue 1

18 December 2018

Our new free magazine brings biblical research out of the Tyndale House library and into your hands.

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