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Echoes of Eden in the Easter story 

James Bejon explores how the imagery in John's passion narrative points us back to creation  

Echoes of Eden

Who killed Goliath? The puzzling text of 2 Samuel 21:19

Dr Kaspars Ozolins takes us on a journey through biblical names and manuscripts in order to unravel a textual mystery

Who killed Goliath?


  • Did Jesus read the ESV?

    How would Jesus have experienced Scripture, and how similar was his Bible to ours?

    Dr John D Meade

  • Who were the Assyrians?

    Dr Caleb Howard explains how getting to know ancient cultures can help us to grasp a deeper understanding of Scripture

    Dr Caleb Howard

  • Did Jesus speak Greek?

    How likely is it that Jesus used the lingua franca of the world of the New Testament?

    Dr Peter J Williams

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