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Dirk Jongkind

Vice Principal (Academic)


Content from Dirk Jongkind

  • grandmother’s handwriting, one of four known surviving 1215 exemplars of Magna Carta and fragments of papyrus with uncial style script

    From the hands of scribes

    How does handwriting shed light on variants in Bible manuscripts? Beth Vickers and Dr Dirk Jongkind follow the clues

    Dirk Jongkind & Beth Vickers

  • The written Gospels - Dr Dirk Jongkind pt1

    In this episode, Dr Andrew Ollerton speaks to Dr Dirk Jongkind about the process through which the Gospels were preserved and came to be wri…

    Andrew Ollerton & Dirk Jongkind

  • Are the Gospels too similar?

    Dr Dirk Jongkind explains why the Gospels have reliable and independent links to the events of Jesus' life.

    Dirk Jongkind

  • Can we have confidence in the manuscripts? - Dr Dirk Jongkind pt2

    In this episode, Dr Andrew Ollerton and Dr Dirk Jongkind ask whether we can have confidence to trust the Gospel manuscripts and how the Gosp…

    Andrew Ollerton & Dirk Jongkind