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  • Digging up the Church’s past

    The New Testament writers expect us to know basic facts about their world. Dr Thomas Davis tells Kay Carter how archaeology can help to fill…

  • Do we still care about evidence?

    Kay Carter asks the Christian apologist Kristi Mair whether students in the "post truth" world are rejecting research

    Kay Carter

  • The books that made us scholars

    Travis Wright and Andrew Keenan on their favourite books, and their mission to teach Bible languages

    Beth Vickers

  • Taking research onto the streets

    Dr Myrto Theocharous explains how Deuteronomy ignited her passion to help refugees and women trafficked into the sex trade

    Kay Carter

  • A conversation with Craig Blomberg

    Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary and an editor of the Tyndale House Gospel Perspectives series

  • The Bible custodian

    Dr Onesimus Ngundu tells Kay Carter what it’s like taking care of some of the most precious books in the world

    Kay Carter

  • A conversation with Cody Kingham

    As a PhD student at Cambridge University, Cody is using computer analysis to uncover previously unknown verb patterns in biblical Hebrew

  • Making a cultural connection

    Dr Joey Tan explains how he uses Chinese festivals to talk about his Christian faith

    Kay Carter

  • A Romanian Bible for the 21st century

    For a hundred years, Romanians have been reading a Bible with dated vocabulary and second-hand translation. That's about to change

    Kay Carter

  • A conversation with Dr Brittany Melton

    Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

    Kay Carter

  • Take a first step in Bible languages

    STEPBible allows people who have never learned Greek or Hebrew to access the Bible in its original languages